Hot Beverages

English Tea with Shortcake Biscuit
Herbal Tea with Shortcake Biscuit
Turkish Tea with Turkish Delight

Coffee Selection

Each served with a selected biscuit
Turkish coffee with Turkish Delight

Cold Beverages

Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Mineral Water
Sparkling Water
Diet Coke
Turkish Orange Drink

*All cold drinks served with homemade crisps


Ayran with dried mint
A extremely refreshing Turkish yogurt drink
Replaces lost nutrients in the body, great for hangovers!

Alcoholic Drinks

Champagne with Strawberry’s and Dark Chocolate
White Wine with Cheese, Crackers and Grapes
Red Wine with Strawberry’s and Dark Chocolate
Turkish Efes Beer with Peanuts & homemade Crisps
Johnnie Walker – Black Label Whisky

We will also be serving our dear customers seasonal Turkish delicaseys